Have ideas…will write.

Here are some clips of my work.

Articles in Magazines/Newspaper/Books

Putting the Fun in Fund-Raising in Parents magazine (pdf)

Lessons of New Motherhood in Parents magazine  (pdf)

More College Students Study Abroad, Grow at Home in the Oregonian

Don’t Turn Blue Man; Just Be One in the Oregonian

How to Survive in an Unhappy Job in Beating Job Burnout (pdf)

Changing Careers in Midstream in Equal Opportunity Forum (pdf)

The Art of Designer Telegrams in the San Francisco Chronicle (pdf)

Stress can Impair Professional Health in the San Jose Mercury News (pdf)

Genita signed up to write the “Citizen’s Voice” column in the Lake Oswego Review, where I worked as an editor, providing the newspaper with a community member’s take on issues of the day. But her skills in putting together a column were unlike those of nearly every other “community member” I’ve encountered in many years since. Her column topics were clear and on target, her writing engaging and focused. She could punctuate, spell, and get it all done in time to meet her deadline. Editors love to work with writers like this.

Julie Wurth, Longtime newspaper editor

Essays/Columns (pdf)

Coffee is one of Lake Oswego’s perks in the Lake Oswego Review

Crossing the Line for Kids essay in the Oregonian

Affinity of a Mom-Fan essay in the Oregonian

Confessions of a Disneyland Misfit column in the Lake Oswego Review

Turning the Tables on Teen Drug Abuse column in the Lake Oswego Review

Spirit of Community Rose Higher than Water column in Lake Oswego Review

Families and Holidays: Do They Mix? column in Lake Oswego Review