Consider this twist on an age-old philosophical question: If someone has an idea but no one is around to effectively convey it, does it make a point? I’m an idea person that can help you get your message across to your audience whether they are magazine readers, clients or consumers. True to app form, I’m easy to work with and am compatible across many platforms.


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Creative story-telling, excellent writing skills, articulate communication, professional follow through, and a pleasure to work with…these are the phrases that come to mind when I think of the work of Genita Kovacevich-Costello. Genita made a significant impact as the director of communications at the Palo Alto Area YMCA. I highly recommend her.

-Dave Thornton YMCA CEO  retired 

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Drawing from her journalistic background, Genita was able to pitch creative story and photo ideas to local papers generating outstanding coverage of our events. The end result was record breaking attendance coupled with outstanding revenues every time. I believe that over the course of the seven years I worked with Genita, her highly polished publicity skills were the key to raising over $1.5 million in net donations.

Debi Larsson, Auction Chair